Facial Massage

This Is Why You Need A Professional Facial Massage

1. Not everyone can give you a professional facial massage

A facial massage has the effect of soothing the tension of the entire facial muscles, removing fatigue and relaxing the body and mind . Follow the chin and cheeks, the eye area and the bridge of the nose, eyebrows and forehead, and temples that are frequently used every day, to the ears, and then massage to the clavicle.

The pleasant skin contact brings a relaxing effect through gentle touch. The skin of the face is extremely sensitive, and friction may also cause damage to the skin, so it is very important to hold it firmly.

2. Facial Massage promotes blood and lymph circulation

There are various lymph nodes around the face. The lymphatic circulation is responsible for the function of discharging old waste. If it is not smooth, it will cause various problems. Therefore, it is necessary to deliberately massage the lymph glands to promote the circulation of blood and lymph fluid, so that the metabolism becomes active, in order to achieve the effect of transporting the skin’s nutrients.

3. Regular massage soothes the body and mind

The biggest enemy of the skin is irritation and friction, so you can’t over massage it. However, according to different massage techniques, it may also exert a good effect. There is no need to massage the face forcefully, just gently stimulate the lymph nodes around the face to remove daily fatigue and bring relief.

If you massage every day, it may cause excessive irritation to the skin depending on the person. Please try a facial massage at a frequency of once a week.

4. Regain youthful skin

When the skin gives the impression of aging, dullness usually occurs from the eye area, and the facial muscles also begin to relax. To start to improve the dullness of the skin, in addition to changing the daily skin care products, it is more important to have enough sleep and improve living habits, starting from the basic daily life.

In addition, you can prevent muscle relaxation by using facial muscles every day. If it is just a massage, but neglecting to pay attention to these basic habits, in fact, it is putting the cart before the horse. Please take basic precautions while massaging your face.

5. Use facial massage oil to reduce friction

You can choose facial massage oils according to your skin type. When using essential oils with the required ingredients, please wash your face before massaging, and use facial tissue or towel to gently wipe off excess oil.

Friends who are accustomed to washing off essential oils after massage, it is recommended that you massage before washing your face, and you can perform daily skin care after washing your face. Regardless of the order, massage with essential oils can lubricate the skin to prevent friction.


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