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What is a Jade Roller Massager: Benefits and Tips

Jade is a semi-precious stone, from light yellow and light green to dark green with a dull sheen. It is very well known and appreciated. Jade significantly contributes to the physical and mental well-being of the body and is also used to make jewelry.

This stone is a symbol of purity and harmony and helps purify the body. It absorbs negative energy and transmits infrared rays, which speed up blood circulation.

What is a Jade Roller?

There is certainly a jade roller on almost all cosmetic shelves. This product became popular in a very short time, and it is a stone that adorns tenderness and purity, so as such it has a relaxing effect on the skin.

Used in the 7th century in China, Jade Roller, a small green roller, made of semi-precious jade stone, enchanted the world of beauty. The rollers used by Chinese empresses were made of jade or some other precious or semi-precious stone. They believed that precious stones could eliminate negative energy, but also contribute to beauty. Also, women used a jade roller to highlight their beauty and remove wrinkles from their faces.

Today, light green jade is the most popular, and you will most often find jade rollers in this color of semi-precious stone.

The Jade Roller contains a metal handle on which two rollers mount. One larger roller uses to treat larger areas of facial skin — cheeks, forehead, and chin, while the other, smaller roller, is used to massage less accessible parts of the face (areas around the eyes, nose, and temples). The rollers can smooth or embossed, in which case they increase the effect of skincare.

The Jade Roller has a wide range of applications: from massaging, toning, and firming the skin to enhancing circulation, improving shine, reducing puffiness, minimizing fine lines, improving elasticity, detoxifying, and helping skincare products penetrate better.

Jade roller helps you to restore the shine to the face and even out the complexion. It works deeply on the skin of the face, improving circulation. Thanks to this process, deep pores close. During the massage, the surface protective layer of the skin reacts to pressure and shrinks the pores. Closing clean pores on the face reduce the possibility of new wrinkles on the skin.

A scientific study from Japan has shown that this is not just a trend and those face rollers have a positive effect on facial skin. The results are impressive — after only 5 minutes of massage, and 25% improved the circulation, the effects lasted for over 10 minutes.

How to use a Jade Roller?

Using jade roller differs depending on the effects you want to achieve. It is not demanding and you need a few minutes to prepare.

  • Thoroughly cleanse your facial skin with products you use for daily care.
  • Apply a serum, oil, or moisturizer that you use every day for skincare. Do not skip this step. Also, the jade roller will make your skin deeply absorb all the good ingredients from the products you use.
  • Jade Roller massage always starts from the collarbone, continues with movements towards the jaw and chin, then the area where the nose, lips, and chin are, and finally ends around the eyes. Massage movements are always upwards (in the direction of lymph movement). You can keep Jade Roller in the refrigerator for a complete feeling of cooling and an even better effect of reducing swelling.
  • Relief massage performs on dry skin. With a light but firm movements from the inside of the face to the outside, you stimulate microcirculation and prepare the skin for nourishing preparations.
  • For the area around the eyes, which is very gentle, so for that purpose you need to use a smaller, narrower part of the jade roller.
  • Massage your face every day for about 5 minutes.
  • You should use a jade roller in the morning and the evening. In the evening, it will help you relax from sleep, and in the morning, it will help you with morning swelling and possible dark circles.
  • Between uses, roll out the roller with warm water and dry it with a clean towel. If more fat remains from the cream, keep the roller underwater for a long time. Active oxygen in the form of a spray disinfects the roller, which has proven to be the best and easiest cleaning option.

Regular use of jade roller will improve skin elasticity and facial tone. If you use it together with natural face creams, the tightening effect is almost guaranteed.

Gua Sha jade massage — Chinese traditional facial rejuvenation treatment

Gua Sha facial massage promises a bright, freshly rejuvenated face without swelling. But what exactly is behind this name, and why did women go crazy for this massage? The massage performs with scraping movements that release circulation, speed up lymphatic drainage, and expel toxins.

Gua Sha jade massage benefits

The magic stones are jade and rose quartz, and the secret of their miraculous effect lies in the ancient Chinese technique of Gua Sha facial massage. Although this type of massage is popular only now, this ritual has known in China for thousands of years.

The smooth round jade stone in pastel green color designed for a much gentler version of Gua Sha massage, which will not leave unwanted marks on the face. And not only that, the skin looks so good that you can become addicted to this ancient ritual.

This massage technique traditionally uses as a way to improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation by increasing the flow of energy in the body. With a stronger emphasis on massaging the face with jade stones, Gua Sha also helps cleanse the lymphatic system and facial skin of toxins, as well as reduce swelling.

When massaging your face with jade or rose quartz stones, you are pressing on the skin and thus the facial muscles. This treatment reduces their tension, making the skin smooth, wrinkles become less visible and shallow.

Gua Sha successfully fights against premature aging of facial skin, preventing the appearance of deep wrinkles, dark circles around the eyes, swollen, wrinkled, and gloomy facial appearance.

As with the jade roller, first, apply your favorite oil or face serum, and then gently pull the stone over your face. Massage the skin with the flat end of the stone using short and long strokes. Always massage a thoroughly cleansed face. To make the massager glide nicely over your face, spray it first. It can be rose water or thermal water.

The massage should last 3-5 minutes a day. Each movement should be repeated at least 5 times on both sides of the face. It is important to do it systematically — preferably every day, as part of your evening care.

What are the benefits of a Jade Roller?

We all know that facial massage has a very relaxing effect on the entire body. When jade inserts into it with all its advantages, you get a professional spa atmosphere.

First of all, face rollers serve as lymphatic drainage. So, for the lymph to flow smoothly through your face, its paths must be passable, and a roller massage will also contribute to that.

The rollers keep the facial skin elastic, reduce the visibility of wrinkles if used regularly and correctly, increase blood flow in the area of ​​the face and neck.

The benefits of using jade roller are numerous and varied:

  • Improves skin elasticity.
  • Reduces the appearance of puffiness and fine lines on the skin.
  • Relieves muscle tension.
  • It helps the facial care product to better absorbed.
  • Relatively smooth roller distributes heat faster in contact with the skin.
  • Medium-heavy stone improves skin smoothness, soothes inflamed areas, and regenerates skin cells.
  • It relaxes the nervous system, balances energy because it has a relaxing effect, and eliminates toxins in the skin.
  • Relaxes the skin — jade roller has a beneficial effect that relieves muscle aches and headaches.
  • Although you are not aware, during the day you adopt expressions (like frowns) that tighten the facial muscles. Jade roller is a great ally for achieving greater skin elasticity and relaxation of your body.

Jade roller massage reduces wrinkles around the lips and prevents further formation of small and new wrinkles. For better and faster effects, apply a natural anti-wrinkle cream on your face. A few minutes after applying the cream, massage the face with a jade roller.

The advantage of cold facial massages also shown by the trend that models often relied on. It’s a face massage with an ice cube.

The jade roller is still a little more sophisticated than an ice cube, but due to all its characteristics, it is also much more efficient. So it is not bad to use it for headaches.

The regular use of the roller reduces the formation of acne in the chin’s area and jaw, in the area where toxins accumulate the most.

Each piece of the jade roller is natural and unique, and with the ordered jade roller you should also receive a certificate of origin and authenticity of the product. It’s ideal for travel, and if you choose it as a gift for someone, you won’t go wrong.

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