Top Recommended Creams to Remove Skin Blemishes and Scars

Summer is still here, your skin is always shiny?

Wearing a mask for 24 hours when you go out indoors, your skin is swarming with acne?

The acne finally disappeared, but it left a big acne scar.

I don’t want to laser and dare not try fruit acid peeling. What should I do?

This article introduces in detail the ranking of the most popular creams used to eliminate blemishes and scars in 2020 and how to choose the best for you!

How to choose and buy a cream to remove and clean skin scars?

Moisturizing ingredients

Regardless of the age group, the most basic and important maintenance is the “moisturizing” of the skin.

Most light scar creams have good moisturizing ability, especially creams containing ceramide, which are suitable for both men and women.

When choosing a cream, the first thing to look at is the moisturizing ingredients. Next, we will introduce several common moisturizing ingredients.

  • Ceramide

Ceramide is a component inherent in the human body, so even people with sensitive skin can use it with peace of mind.

However, there are many types of ceramide, and each type has different functions.

Ceramide I: repairs the sebum film and improves the skin’s surface defense ability, locks water and moisturizes.

Ceramide II: balances moisture and strengthens the skin’s self-defense function.

Ceramide III: Maintain skin moisture, help rebuild cell adhesion, and repair dry and damaged cells.

Ceramide VI: Helps metabolize old keratin and reduce wrinkles.

Vitamin Derivatives

You can choose to use essence that focuses on whitening ingredients. One of the most effective and harmless whitening ingredients is “vitamin C”.

Vitamin C can inhibit the production of melanin, thereby reducing the accumulation of melanin.

It can also solve the problem of dark pores while reducing spots!

Although vitamin C has an excellent antioxidant effect, its molecular structure is easily destroyed.

So manufacturers have developed ingredients such as “vitamin C derivatives (vitamin C derivatives)”,

Not only can vitamin C be more stable, but it is also easier to be absorbed by the body.

In addition, there are many common whitening ingredients such as Arbutin and Tranexamic Acid.

Skin type

  • Dry skin

It is recommended to choose creams with high moisturizing ingredients or oil content, which can form a protective film on the skin surface after use.

Prevent moisture loss by evaporation. The moisturizing essence will effectively relieve the dryness and dehydration of the skin.

Moisturizing factors can maintain the “gelatinous” nature of the dermis and protect the health and function of other molecules in the dermis.

Hyaluronic acid, mucopolysaccharides, urea, amino acids, sodium lactate and peptides are all excellent natural moisturizing factors.

  • Normal skin

You can apply all kinds of creams you need, such as whitening, anti-acne and so on.

Vitamin A can help soften dead skin, vitamin B promotes epidermal growth, vitamin C dilutes spots, and increases the vitality of skin cells.

  • Oily skin

It is recommended to choose essences that can tighten the skin, control oil secretion, and tighten pores, such as plant-based creams.

And different forms of essence are suitable for different types of skin. Repair damaged elastic fibers or collagen.

Use active ingredients to stimulate fibroblasts and promote the proliferation of collagen and elastic fibers.

Top recommended creams to get rid of blemishes and scars:

1. Bio-Essence Tanaka Bio-White Advanced Whitening Spot Corrector

Bio-Essence Tanaka Bio-White Advanced Whitening Spot Corrector

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BIO ultra-whitening high-efficiency spot cream, effectively diminish stubborn spots, inhibit melanin and prevent the formation of pigment spots,

At the same time, it deeply moisturizes, dilutes skin blemishes, effectively improves the dull and waxy complexion, and makes the skin more pure, tender, white and shiny.

Focus on improving spots, the unique patented formula BIO ENERGY COMPLEXTM Bio-Energy ComplexTM,

Strengthen the skin’s self-repair and renewal ability, so that whitening ingredients such as camellia extract and arbutin can be quickly absorbed.

It quickly penetrates into the bottom of the skin, combats dullness to the extreme, and helps skin moisturize.

High-efficiency whitening ingredients can prevent the formation of pigment spots and enhance the translucent feeling. The powerful formula specifically targets and inhibits the formation of melanin and reduces spots

Light texture, easy to push and absorb quickly, without stickiness, long-lasting skin whitening, no worries about anti-black effect during daytime use.

Ingredients: Natural Camellia Extract, Tranexamic Acid, Tanaka Bark Extract, Arbutin, Amino Acid, Vitamin B3.
Applicable skin type: all kinds of skin
Capacity: 25g
Made in China

2. Dermisa Anti Wrinkle Cream

Dermisa Anti Wrinkle Cream

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New York’s best-selling anti-wrinkle cream, the dots, lines, and the surface lock in all directions, tighten and smooth, smooth and flawless,

Condition keratin, smooth skin, moisturize and lock water, reduce fine lines.

Ingredients: Q10, AHA, avocado oil, vitamin A, E, water factor, collagen, etc.
Applicable skin type: all kinds of skin
Capacity: 42 ml
Origin: United States

3. La Mer Ocean Lana Water Moisturizer Cream

La mer Ocean Lana Water Moisturizer Cream

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The refreshing hydrating cream provides soothing moisturizing and repairing, the skin reveals natural radiance and restores a healthy balance.

All Ocean Lana products contain the legendary Miracle Broth™ concentrate,

Infuse the skin with ocean repair energy, suitable for combination / oily skin.

Inspired by the refreshing, soothing and moisturizing qualities of deep sea seaweed,

Ocean Lana Max Huber laboratory created a refreshing Ocean Lana water gel.

The Miracle BrothTM and the unique lime tea extract are extended to bring beautiful miracles to the cream.

Ocean Lana Hydrating Cream is as effective as cream, but the texture is refreshing beyond imagination.

Can bring fresh and tender skin moisturizing and repairing effect.

The unique refreshing and moisturizing touch of Ocean Lana Cream provides a new texture choice for Ocean Lana lovers.

It can still maintain the powerful skin repairing effect provided by the cream.

Ingredients: The Miracle Broth™ concentrated essence, lime tea extract and instant hydrogel microspheres.
Applicable skin type: all kinds of skin
Capacity: 60 ml
Origin: United States

4. Lancome Renergie Lift Multi-Action Lifting and Firming Cream

Lancome Renergie Lift Multi-Action Lifting and Firming Cream

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Lancome Ultra Firming Platinum Whitening Cream, a youth cream with anti-aging cream, fully tightens and swells and fights dull and rough skin.

The ultimate dual technology of anti-aging skin care products, tight x tender x white in place.

It can quickly blend with the skin’s super-sensory texture, and contains a high concentration of flax hydrolyzed extract, which can more fully tighten the skin contour effect.

Excellent efficacy, can prevent spots, is a perfect cream that can restore plump and bright skin.

Space anti-gravity super-effect technology improves skin elasticity from the bottom layer of the muscle, smooths fine lines and wrinkles,

Improve the smoothness and tenderness of the skin, make the skin firmer, plump and plump.

Ingredients: tree fern, guanosine extract, flax hydrolyzed extract, alpine edelweiss, vitamin C derivatives, etc.
Capacity: 50 ml
Applicable skin type: all kinds of skin
Origin: France



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