Gua Sha Tool For Face Massage

Gua Sha Massage Tool For Facial Massage

Many people ruminate on how to have and maintain a beautiful, glowing, and elegant skin. You can achieve this by doing a Gua Sha face massage. Thanks to this massage you can now have a radiant, alluring, and admirable skin. It is a scarping therapy widely known to help in blood circulation which helps in restoring the radiance and beauty of your skin.

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What is a Gua Sha tool?

Gua Sha tools are beauty accessories that all the skincare fans and experts must have. They are mainly in the form of crystalline, jade, plastic, rose quartz, or any other kind of semiprecious stones which are curved to have a flat and firm surface. These magnificent tools are believed to have originated from ancient healing techniques in China.

The tool is pressed gently on the face in upward strokes which gradually stimulates blood flow as well as the lymphatic system. Some people believe that using the Gua Sha tool is a scrapping therapy that is not only used for face slimming but also, it is an alternative when it comes to Botox.

What is a Gua Sha massage?

If you want to have a captivating and alluring skin, then think of Gua Sha massage. Gua means scraping while Sha means the redness of the Skin. Gua Sha is deemed as a natural alternative that is done by scarping your skin using a scraping tool.

It is done using a flat and firm stone that is pressed gently on the face in upward strokes. This helps in relaxing stiff muscles as well as promoting tissue drainage. It’s been practiced all the way back since the Ming Dynasty (that’s the 1300s!).

Gua Sha massage is also recommended for those who want to get rid of bad energy which in turn makes all the pain and aches go away.

Traditionally, a buffalo horn was used to scrape the skin but due to our ever evolving world, the tools have been modernized and adjusted.  This modernization has made it possible and easy to be held in the palm. This massage is believed to have detoxifying benefits and soothing effects.

Now, I will like to share with you this video:

Learn Facial Gua Sha from a Chinese Medical skincare professional from Lanchin channel on YouTube

What are the benefits of Gua Sha massage?

You may be wondering what the benefits of Gua Sha massage are. Well, relax as we are going to walk you through the benefits associated with Gua Sha massage.

  • If you have a skin that is prone to blemishes, it is recommended that you opt for Gua Sha massage. It detoxifies your skin by draining all the toxins. It drains and removes all the impurities from the surface of your skin. As a result spots and blackhead fades away gradually.
  • This form of massage is a way to make your skin appear young and more vibrant. This massage helps in preventing the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Also, it is known to help in fighting the aging effects.
  • You are assured of having rested eyes after using Gua Sha massage. When used around the eyes, it harmonizes the energy flow and enhances blood circulation. This helps to reduce the appearance of your eyes and puffiness.
  • Gua Sha helps in reducing inflammation. This is why it is mostly used to treat diseases that cause chronic pain like fibromyalgia and arthritis.
  • It helps in relieving pain as it promotes blood flow as well as stimulating the lymphatic system.

What to consider before buying Gua Sha massage tool?

For you to get the ideal tool that will serve and fulfill all your beauty needs, you need to consider a few factors.


This should your main concern when buying a Gua Sha tool. The most common tools are made from stone, stainless steel, and plastic. Depending on the material, each tool will have different properties which will affect the weight, comfort, fragility, and restoration.

It is advisable that you choose a tool made from a durable material. Since the market has a variety of tools made from different materials, choose the most durable material. For instance, you may opt for a tool made from plastic, jade or any other durable material.


When it comes to weight, consider choosing a heavy tool. it is because a heavy tool works more effectively and efficiently thus you will be able to see the alarming results sooner.

Being associated with an old wrinkled skin should be a thing of the past. Thanks to this skin therapy, you can restore your glowing and radiant skin. It is a natural process that encourages blood circulation and relieving joints and muscle pain.

Best Gua Sha Tools on the market:


Rosenice Aventurine Gua Sha Scraping Massage Tool

Rosenice Aventurine Gua Sha Scraping Massage Tool

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  • Traditional Chinese hygiene and healthy promotion: Experience an ancient Chinese method of hygiene care.
  • This gua sha board was designed to improve general well-being of your body, improve the microcirculation of the facial blood vessels, increase the flow of blood, lymph and body fluids. Make you less stressed, more concentrated, look presentable, feel energized and healthy.
  • Great Material: Made by 100% Natural Premium Aventurine Stone, which is beneficial minerals to Skin Beauty and Body Health, more thicker and effective than traditional Gua sha Boards. Long lasting, super easy to care, static free.
  • Whole body Caring: This gua sha Aventurine can works great on neck, face, back hand, wrist, shoulders and foot. Offer you the most complete massage therapy.
  • Heart Shape: Approx 3.15 inch long, 1.97 inch wide,portable and handy. Ultra smooth touch feeling that never hurt your skin.

Gua Sha Tool – Jade Stone Gua Sha Scraping Massage Tool

Gua Sha Tool - Jade Stone Guasha Scraping Massage Tool

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  • CONTOUR + SMOOTH: involves gently scraping a flat jade stone over the skin to promote lymphatic drainage, relax muscles, and boost circulation. Hailing from ancient Chinese healing techniques.


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