Facial Massage Techniques

Facial Massage Techniques You Can Apply At Home

Given that man has an instinctive reaction to healing or recovering a damaged part of the body by touch and pressure, it is logical that facial massage as a healing and beautification technique remains popular on all continents, from early history to modern times.

Facial massage will stimulate circulation, improve facial muscle tone, provide a better supply of oxygen to cells, prevent fluid accumulation, improve metabolism, and make the skin more radiant. Like any massage, it has a beneficial effect on relieving stress and tension, which are primarily visible on your face and do not contribute to a beautiful appearance.

Below, read more about Facial Massage Techniques and their benefits for your facial skin.

It knows that the appearance of facial skin does not depend only on the treatment. Genetics has an important part, but also life habits, diet, fluid intake, the climate, daily care, sleep, and more. But, a very important item is a way of thinking, mental attitudes, work on spiritual development, which, like the before mentioned factors, can read on everyone’s face.

A variety of Facial Massage Techniques are available to you, adapted to different types and conditions of facial skin:


  • Connective tissue facial massage
  • Cupping therapy
  • Japanese facial massage
  • Volcanic stone massage

Facial self-massage — as part of the morning and evening routine

One way to delay the biological signs of aging, but also to cut fatigue and poor mood, is self-massage of the face. Besides the stimulating effect on the skin of the face, establishing better circulation and metabolism, preventing the appearance of wrinkles, but also “ironing” the existing ones, this is one of the most perfect care and refreshment programs.

  • It is very important to pay attention to hand and skin hygiene, and not to do it if you have a fever, rash, infection, or an open wound.
  • Once you have cleansed your face, start your massage ritual. To relax, start the massage in circular motions, passing both hands through the hair, massaging the scalp.
  • On still damp skin, apply an amount of oil or moisturizer that will allow your fingers to glide across the skin. Massage your face with long and gentle movements.
  • Find the indentations on the sides of the forehead bone. By stimulating this area in a circular motion for thirty seconds, you will improve concentration, thought process, and reflexes. You will also provide better nutrition to the skin of this part of the face.
  • By pressing your fingertips under the apple bone, you will encourage the healthy functioning of the intestines, which will make the skin brighter and improve digestive processes.
  • With straight fingers extended straight and long stroke from the middle of the chin to the ear. After nine times, repeat the identical movement from the nose to the temple. This will improve the appearance of the skin on the cheeks.

Connective tissue facial massage

During this facial massage, the therapist will treat the skin and connective tissue with long, firm, and slow movements. In this way, it will strengthen and revitalize the facial skin, restore the mobility of the dermis and hypodermis, and will have a positive effect on collagen production. No oils or creams use when performing this technique. The massage is relaxing and effective for painful conditions, such as headaches.

The aesthetic effect of connective tissue massage is the reshaping of collagen in connective tissue, and it is considered the best technique for firming the skin.

Face cupping

This facial massage technique also called natural face lifting. With the help of silicone cups, of different sizes, and especially intended for application on the face, a vacuum effect achieves which stimulates circulation, activates muscles, drains excess fluid, and has a beneficial effect on elastin and collagen. Cupping massage is very effective and in a brief time relieves wrinkles. This technique is comfortable, painless, and leaves no traces of the use of silicone cups.

Cupping therapy will help you improve the tone of the muscles on the face, “fill in” and tighten the skin and reduce and dry the swelling under the eyes.

Cupping creates a lifting effect, at the same time stimulating the general circulation, activating all facial muscles, and naturally stimulating collagen/elastin. With cupping facial treatment, some wrinkles on your face will visibly soften and maybe even smooth out.

Women in Asia, Russia, and the Middle East have been using this natural method to rejuvenate and maintain their skin for generations.

Japanese facial massage

Unlike acupuncture where a needle use, fingertips are used here for regulatory stimulation at reflex zones or points. The application of finger pressure improves the elasticity of the skin, muscle tension, and connective tissue.

When applied regularly, Japanese facial massage can stimulate circulation, which brings nourishing blood to the skin and thus stimulates the growth of skin cells. Facial massage can also tighten facial muscles and relieve tension, which can provide immediately visible effects, such as increased glow on the skin.

This procedure acts as lymphatic drainage, it stimulates the lymph glands on the face which speeds up the removal of toxins and excess fluid. The massage improves the circulation of the face, thus making the skin healthier, more radiant, and more beautiful.

  • Japanese facial massage is not for you if you have a lymphatic system disorder, rash, damaged skin, cold, or flu.
  • Before this procedure, be sure to wash your face and hands.
  • Use a natural oil (olive or almond) or cream during the massage to prevent friction. Natural anti-wrinkle cream is also great.
  • During the massage session, you should feel the pressure you put on your fingers, but not so much as to cause discomfort and pain. Take care to reduce the pressure while massaging the area around the ears, the area under the jaw, and the neck (where the lymph nodes are located).
  • Repeat each massage movement 3 times (and when it comes to problem areas — 4 or 5 times).
  • For the maximum efficiency and best results, you should apply Japanese facial massage at the same time every day.

Volcanic stone massage

Hot volcanic stone massage goes back a long way because people believed that volcanic stones possessed the energy of the very core of the world. That is why in the tradition of ancient peoples, hot stones also use in rituals. It was done all over the world — for example; it was done by the ancient Egyptians and the American Indians.

The human body connects to nature by unbreakable bonds. The return to nature and the use of elements from nature improves the general condition of the organism. The warmth of the stones is especially pleasant on bitter winter days. Stones are heated in a special bath for a few minutes and then placed on the face.

Basalt is most often used — a black volcanic stone formed by cooling lava, which absorbs and keeps heat very well. It applies to the forehead, cheeks, and chin area, and the stones glide on the skin with gentle massage movements. Volcanic stone acts on the face as antiseptic, cleansing toxins, and also improving circulation and tissue oxygenation. It has a very pronounced anti-stress effect on the whole organism.

Each of the above Facial Massage Techniques is effective, useful, and favorable results will not miss.

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