Face Lymphatic drainage massage

Face Lymphatic Drainage Massage

What is a Face Lymphatic drainage massage?

First, let’s talk about the Lymphatic system. It is a very essential part of our bodies’ immune system. This system is also a part of the circulatory system, making it very important. It is made up of a vast network of nodes that transport a fluid called lymph to the heart. Apart from that, it carries white blood cells to areas that need them. Specifically, areas fighting against infections and the like. When a path between nodes in the system is blocked, fluid builds up and causes conditions such as Lymphedema. A condition known for notorious swelling often after a lymph node is damaged. Some of the resulting conditions can be treated using a facial lymphatic drainage massage. This massage has become so common that it is starting to be referred to as a non-surgical facelift.

A facial lymphatic drainage massage accelerates the transportation and absorption of lymphatic fluids. These fluids need to be transported quickly as waste since they contain proteins, bacteria, toxins, and viruses. It is said that this massage can help with the following conditions:

  1. Acne

  2. Eczema

  3. Digestive Problems

Many massage therapists say that it has a positive effect on one’s skin complexion. However, this is famously not backed by science, but with people who either use it or sell it. They say it helps to reduce frown lines, eye bags, and wrinkles.

A study conducted by researchers at Flinders University in Australia questions the effect of a facial lymphatic drainage massage. If you have ever got one, you know how much care they take around the eyes. It suggests that it helps reduce frown lines and eye bags. However, this study revealed that as much as it is good for the lymphatic system, it doesn’t do much of the same with the skin around the eyes. In the past, there have been heated debates about whether benefits massage therapists say it has. This is because there is simply not enough data to back up all the claims. But on the other hand, there are individuals out there that can attest to it working for them. So I guess you are left to just try it and see whether it works for you.

In 2015, a Japanese beauty company called Shiseido collaborated with a Professor from Osaka University to get to the truth of the matter. Contrary to the study in Australia, they concluded that unhealthy lymphatic vessels caused skin sagging. Even around the eyes. Could it be a question of it works better for a specific race? Not at all. It could, however, be a question of individuals’ skin and maybe consistency. But we’ll need an expert opinion.

According to the dermatologist, Michael Detmar, the results are mainly anecdotal. This means that it may very well be a question of what type of skin an individual has. A lot of specialists have come out to challenge face lymphatic drainage massages being called facelifts.

If you’d like to try a facial lymphatic drainage massage, make sure your reasons are clear. It may either be for aesthetic or medical reasons. If your reasons are purely aesthetic, you only have to look for an Aesthetician that is familiar with the technique. If the reasons are medical, then there are two things you need to look for in the professional you choose:

  1. He or she should be certified by the Lymphology Association of North America
  2. Or is a member of the National Lymphedema Network

Some of you would want to adopt the massage into your beauty regimen. You’ll be glad to know that you don’t always need an expert to help with this massage. If you follow a few steps and instructions correctly, you’ll be good to go.

Step 1 – Begin by taking a deep, long breath with your arms on your stomach. Inhale slowly till your diaphragm completely flattens, then exhale. You can do this five times then move on to step 2.

Step 2 – Make sure you are as comfortable as you can be. It does not matter whether you sit, stand, or lie down. If done well, a good result will only expect you to be comfortable.

Step 3 – Make sure you have oil on your hands. It can be massage oil or any oil that you know does well with your skin type. Apply pressure on the side of your cheeks with your hands then drag your hands towards your collar bone. Do not force in excess. Do that three times then start from your forehead in the same flow towards the collar bone. Five strokes each should be enough. If too much force is used you may end up hurting your vessels. What matters is consistency, not strength. Then we move to the nose, start from there and move upward towards the forehead. After five strokes you will be ready for the next step.

Step 4 – Move to your eyes and stroke them softly in a circular manner. Make sure you stay parallel to the lymph vessels’ direction. This way it will help to clear blockages and accelerate the whole process of transportation.

Step 5 – Repeat this as many times as you have time for. Once a week to every day is okay as long as you stay consistent.

The benefits of this whole process have been glorified in recent years. A face lymphatic drainage massage done this way can help to remove double chins, improve skin complexion, and many more. We mentioned more earlier in the article. It also reduce how old people look. This again is subject to a lot of clashing opinions. However, the fact remains that it may work even better for you. So it won’t hurt to try.

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