Skin Care Myths

3 Common Myths About Facial Care

Using expensive skin care products and the skin problem still has not improved? Tried hard and the natural clear effect is not achieved yet? In addition to using products that are not suitable for your skin, it is highly likely that there is a problem with your facial care method!

The face is the skin most frequently exposed to the outside world. If the face is not thoroughly cleansed, the subsequent maintenance ingredients are also difficult to be absorbed by the skin. Then, fine lines, chapped and dull skin problems that women are most afraid of will emerge one by one.

This article will teach you the correct concept of facial care. Following these facial care steps, you can also develop white and moisturized boiled eggs!

3 Common Myths About Facial Care

There is so much information on the Internet that it is dazzling. Here are the 4 most misunderstood facial care methods for you. Come and see if you have also stepped into the concept of facial care!

1. Can lotion be applied wet to enhance facial moisturization?

In the past, many manufacturers advocated using makeup water to soak a cotton pad, which can allow skin care ingredients to penetrate the skin, and the moisturizing effect will be better. In fact, in addition to moisturizing ingredients, other added ingredients may also penetrate the skin with the wet compress technique.

To achieve whitening or oil control effects in most lotions, various ingredients are added to the lotion. For example, alcohol, astringents, fragrances, and other ingredients will stimulate the facial skin, and may even change the original stable skin texture and become sensitive and weak.

Therefore, many dermatologists have reservations about the maintenance method of using a cotton pad. In fact, if the facial skin care products are used immediately after the face is cleaned, the moisturizing effect is more efficient than the lotion!

If your skin is dry skin that cannot retain moisture, needs deep hydration, or likes the refreshing feeling brought by the wet compress of lotion, just pay more attention to whether the product contains irritating ingredients and you can use it with peace of mind.

2. No sun, no sunscreen?

Although clouds can block most of the ultraviolet UVA on cloudy days and will not cause the skin to become red and sunburned, there are invisible ultraviolet UVA lights that should be taken care of. If it is during the day, regardless of the season, indoors or outdoors, sunny, and cloudy, you must pay attention to sun protection to avoid skin tanning, aging, or large pores.

3. One can of skin care products can be anti-aging, whitening, and moisturizing?

Many facial skin care products have all-in-one features. They not only moisturize but also lock water. One bottle is worth two bottles, which saves money and moisturizes the face. However, hydration and moisture retention are two different processes. Wrong formula or application procedures for large and small molecules will hinder the skin’s penetration and absorption rate, which will naturally reduce the effect.

Furthermore, to achieve each effect and maintenance, the mechanism of action position is different. For example, anti-aging and whitening effects require small molecules to act deep in the skin, while anti-wrinkle and water-locking effects need to stay on the skin surface. Therefore, when choosing facial skin care products, you should confirm your skin condition to choose molecules suitable for skin absorption. Use it gradually from small to large and choose facial skin care products with simple formula ingredients to reduce conflicts between ingredients.

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