Electric and Manual: Best Facial Massagers in 2020

Long working hours take a toll on my body. While I do get a massage from time to time, but one thing which I noticed was that my facial skin couldn’t take the pressure anymore. Despite being of younger age, the signs of aging were visible. The signs of aging due to stress forced me to find a solution for the same. That is when I came across facial massagers. Facial massagers can easily increase the blood flow and rejuvenate your facial skin.

The question is which facial massager you should buy?

Not all of them provide these benefits. If you try to compare every option available, it can take you months to do so. Even after that, you might end up confused. I was in the same position. That is when I decided to compare the numerous facial massagers and prepare a top 10 list. Today, I will share this list with you to help you choose the right facial massager.

I have made a list of 5 best manual facial massagers and 5 best electric facial massagers. Along with that, I will share with you a few tips to choose best facial massager tools from this list. Now, without any delay let us look at the best massagers on offer.

Tips When buying a Facial Massager

Choosing between these 10 options is no easy task. I understand that. Therefore, I will share a few tips you can use while choosing between these facial massagers.

1. Know the type which you want:

You can choose a manual facial massager or an electric one. The manual one is easy to use. The electric one, on the other hand, offers you a high number of vibrations. You have to decide which one you prefer before going through the list below.

2. Choose a sturdy massager:

Only when the facial massager can stand the test of time, should you buy it. You have to look at the materials in use. If it consists of materials like rose quartz, natural stones, and metal fixtures for the joints, it will be sturdy. Only, in that case, you can go ahead and buy that facial massager.

3. Make sure it is easy to use:

There is no use of buying a facial massager that requires weeks to understand the functioning. You have to choose a facial massager which is easy to use. While comparing the different facial massagers below, you should consider this point as well.

4. Go with a compact one:

You don’t need to use facial massager always at home. You will want to carry it with you wherever you go. You can only do so when you’re choosing a compact and portable face massager.

5. Prefer a multipurpose massager:

Instead of just using the massager that relaxes the facial muscles, you should choose a versatile massager. Many of them can aid the blood flow to the skin. Others can help you eliminate the signs of aging. The more purposes a facial massager can serve, the better it is.

When you consider these five essential tips, choosing the best facial massager tools from my list below is quite easy. Once you do so, signs of aging will be a thing of the past. You can comfortably relax your facial muscles as well, which can rejuvenate your skin quickly. Let us look at the top 10 Best facial massagers.

Manual Facial Massagers:

1. Terresa Facial Roller Face Massager:

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The manual facial massager on top of my list can help you tackle uneven skin tone, puffiness, acne scars, enlarged pores, etc. It is so effective because of its 100% natural aventurine stone construction. The stone is entirely smooth to touch, strengthens the skin, and accelerates the replacement of dead skin cells. It promotes blood circulation, which is another reason that it can tackle signs of aging.

It comes with a gua sha scraping tool. You can use this tool for neck, wrist, shoulders, face, and other parts of your body. That is what makes this manual facial massager so versatile.

The face massager can also help your skin absorb various lotions, milk, gels, etc. The double end rollers are perfect for not just for forehead and face but also for the neck. The small Roller works pretty well for eyes and nose. The versatility and 100% natural stone construction of the Roller makes this facial massager an excellent and worthy choice.


• Consist of 2 rollers

• Comes with a Gua Sha scraping tool

• Highly versatile

• Aids skin rejuvenation

• Consist of 100% aventurine stone construction Roller

• Helps you fight signs of aging


• Packaging can be better

2. BFASU Upgrade Ice Roller for Face:

BFASU Upgrade Ice Roller for Face & Eye

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The best aspect of this face massager is that it consists of a high quantity of ice beads. Due to this very reason, when you roll it over the face skin and muscles, the effect is excellent. It retains the coolness for a longer time.

It helps you eliminate the puffiness of the face and eyes. It aids blood circulation, which enables you to fight the signs of aging. The low noise design means that there will not be any disturbance. The premium material ensures that wear and tear are not going to be a problem either. The compact dimensions of 7.5″ x 3.2″ make it an excellent choice.

Thus, if you’re looking for a facial massager that can provide you with proper cooling experience, this one grabs your attention.


• Consist of numerous ice beads

• Easy to use

• Heavy-duty construction

• Fights the signs of aging

• Low noise operation


• Bit bulky

3. Kimkoo Jade Roller for Face-3 in 1 Kit:

Kimkoo Jade Roller for Face-3 in 1 Kit

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Do you prefer an entire face massage kit instead?

If yes, you should go with this 3 in 1 kit. It consists of Jade Roller, Ridged Roller, and Gua sha massager tool. The Jade Roller comes with its own bigger and smaller Roller. The highlight of the Jade Roller is that it consists of 100% real Jade. The joints are of stainless steel and not chemicals or any other such additional materials.

The Roller can quickly eliminate muscle tension and rejuvenate your skin. The completely silent design makes it easy for you to use the entire kit. To enhance this massager kit’s effectiveness, you have to keep it in the refrigerator for a few minutes before use.

The heavy-duty construction ensures that durability is not going to be a problem either. Thus, if you’re looking for an entire kit, you should go with this one.


• Easy to use

• 3 in 1 kit

• Consist of 100% real Jade

• Multiple benefits

• Silent operation


• Gua sha design can be better

4. House of RHONE Facial Roller Massager:

House of RHONE Facial Roller Massager

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Do you prefer a unique roller massager instead?

If yes, you can go with this option. Instead of your Jade Stone, this one consists of zinc alloy massage balls. You get a metal handle to use it easily. The metal alloy balls ensure that they provide you with the cooling experience. With the help of a heavy-duty handle, moving it over your face will be easier than ever. It helps you deal with problems like puffy face, dead skin cells, wrinkles, etc.

The massager can help you replenish collagen under your skin and tighten the skin pores as well. Due to this reason, the skin appearance will undoubtedly improve. You can use it for better absorption of moisturizers or serums as well. It will once again improve your skin in the longer run. The heavy-duty metal construction ensures that wear and tear is not going to be a problem either. Thus, if you’re looking for a unique but effective facial massager, you can consider this one.


• Consist of zinc alloy metal balls

• Heavy-duty construction

• Provides a cooling experience

• Helps you fight all signs of aging

• Aids absorption of moisturizers and serums


• Limited instructions

5. BAIMEI Rose Quartz Massager:

BAIMEI Rose Quartz Massager

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The USP of this manual facial massager is that it consists of rose quartz. Rose Quartz can provide you with a smooth and cool massage experience. It can revitalize and energize your skin as well. You get a Gua Sha along with it. It can improve the blood flow to your skin. When that happens, the dead skin cells are replaced by the newer ones at a faster pace. It can help you improve your skin elasticity.

In case you want to make them more effective, you can keep them in the fridge overnight before using them in the morning. With the help of a sturdy grip, using both of them is going to be easy. The noise-free design is another reason to go for it. The metal joints enhance the durability of these massagers. Thus, if you prefer a cooling experience, you should go with this facial massager.


• Consist of a rose quartz

• Comes with Gua Sha

• Improves blood flow to the skin

• Excellent grip

• Noise-free design


• Finishing can be better

If you’re looking for manual facial massagers, these are the five best options that you cannot ignore. Now, I will go into the details of the best electric facial massagers on offer.

Electric Facial Massagers:

The advantage of electric facial massagers is that they offer a higher number of vibrations per minute. Most of the massagers allow you to set the vibration as well, which can certainly customize the massage experience for you. Let us look at the best electric facial massagers.

6. 3D Roller Electric Sonic Energy “T” Shape Face Massager:

3D Roller Electric Sonic Energy "T" Shape Face Massager

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The 3-D electric massager that I am speaking about now offers 6000 vibrations per minute. The T-shaped head ensures that it can cover a fairly large area. It is perfect for tightening your skin. The diamond cut shape means that it is quite comfortable as well.

The construction is such that it is entirely waterproof. It helps you get rid of the signs of aging, wrinkles, and various other skin problems. The 3-D design means that it conforms to the shape of your face. Also, it is portable. You get a storage bag, which allows you to carry it around. It requires a single AA battery. The on and off button will enable you to operate it easily. Thus, if you’re looking for an electric facial massager that offers high vibrations per minute, you can go with this option.


• Up to 6000 vibrations per minute

• T-shaped ahead

• 3-D design

• Highly portable

• Requires just a single AA battery


• Battery consumption is on the higher side

7. Uramoto Electric Jade Roller Vibrating Facial Roller & Massager:

Uramoto Electric Jade Roller Vibrating Facial Roller & Massager

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How about an electric facial Roller with the rose quartz crystal?

The face massager and Roller, which I am speaking about now, offers both of these features. It uses the rose quartz crystal for the vibration. Also, the electric design means that you will not have to put in a lot of effort. These features help you in getting rid of most skin problems easily. The vibrations of 6000 per minute are another reason why you should go for it. You can use this around your eyes, face, and neck area.

The waterproof design means that wear and tear is not going to be a problem. You can easily roll it onto your skin, which is another reason to go for it. The massager can be used as a roller as well. The 2 in 1 functionality certainly provides you with an advantage. You get a portable bag that allows you to carry it with you wherever you go. With the help of 2 rose quartz tips, you can use it exactly as per your preference. The high-frequency design and various other features certainly help it outscore others.


• Consist of a rose quartz crystal

• 2 in 1 functionality

• Extremely portable

• 6000 vibrations per minute

• Waterproof design


• Has a learning curve

8. 2-IN-1 Electric Jade Roller Facial Massager:

2-IN-1 Electric Jade Roller Facial Massager

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With the help of 2 different detachable rose quartz heads, using this facial massager is easy. The first one is in the form of the Roller, and the second one is a circle. The AA battery powered massager can provide up to 6000 vibrations per minute. With the help of such a high amount of vibrations, you can relax your facial muscles. You can make your face skin smoother as well.

The natural rose quartz crystal ensures that your blood flow increases as well. The waterproof construction makes it sturdy and long-lasting. You get a cleaning wipe, portable bag, and the instruction manual along with this facial massager. The 2 in 1 functionality is sure to grab your attention.


• 2 in 1 functionality

• 6000 vibrations per minute

• Natural rose quartz crystal

• Waterproof construction

• Includes accessories


• Storage bag design needs improvement

9. Beauty Bar 24k Golden Pulse Facial Massager:

Beauty Bar 24k Golden Pulse Facial Massager

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How about a facial massager with a gold surface?

The one which I’m going to highlight now consists of a 24-carat gold surface. It promotes better blood circulation to the skin. It needs a single AA battery. The vibration which it can offer is up to 6000 times every minute.

It can activate the skin cells and accelerate your metabolic process. Also, it removes the signs of aging and enhances your immunization power as well. The simple design means that you get an excellent grip as well. It is perfect for sensitive skin. The T-shaped design allows you to cover a larger area. Thus, if you’re looking for a premium facial massager, you couldn’t ask for more.


• Gold plated surface

• Vibrations of 6000 times per minute

• Eliminates signs of aging

• Perfect for sensitive skin

• T-shaped design


• Battery fixture is a bit loose

10. 4D Microcurrent Facial Massager Roller:

4D Microcurrent Facial Massager Roller

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Do not want to deal with batteries?

If yes, this electric rechargeable face massager is the perfect option for you. It is suitable not only for your face but your entire body as well. The 4D design means that it is convenient to use and quite efficient. You get to choose between the different vibration levels, which allow you to customize its operation. It has different modes on offer. The microcurrent intensity allows you to stimulate your skin cells easily. The massager uses the microcurrent to eliminate the signs of aging.

The maximum vibrations on offer are 8000 vibrations per minute. It also is suitable for photo light therapy. It offers a wavelength of 465 nm. The blue light on offer can eliminate acne and other skin problems as well. You get accessories like USB cable, portable back, user manual, cleaning wipe along with it. Thus, if you’re looking for a multipurpose microcurrent facial massager roller, you can consider this one.


• Multipurpose design

• 4D construction

• Includes accessories

• Up to 8000 vibrations per minute

• Customizable operation


• Has a learning curve

So, if you want to improve/enhance your facial appearance and relax the facial muscles, you can choose between these facial massagers. I have taken care to include only the ten best facial massager tools on this list. When you select from this list using the tips above, you can be sure that you’re going with the best without spending hours in research.

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