Benefits of Facial Massage

Benefits of Facial Massage & Tips

Facial massage is an integral part of cosmetic facial treatment. There is a trace of your thoughts, lifestyle, feelings, and habits on your face. Regular facial massage relaxes muscles, balances relieves stress and helps you feel better and look more rested. By stimulating the circulation in these parts, you can naturally affect the freshness and tone of the face.

Below, read more about the benefits of facial massages.

With a facial massage, you achieve complete physical and mental relaxation, relaxation of the muscles of the face, neck, décolleté, care, tightening, and cleansing of the skin.

Facial massage, by improving blood circulation, accelerates the flow of oxygen to every cell, and stimulates the excretion of metabolic products and carbon dioxide. Also, this massage has an exceptional effect in expelling excess water kept in the inter cellular space. It should especially emphasize that a good massage affects the stimulation of collagen and elastin in the skin.

The benefits of facial massages are multiple:

  • Improving skin and muscle tone
  • Slowing down skin aging
  • Elimination of bags under the eyes
  • Reduction of tension headaches and sinus pain
  • Relieving stress and anxiety, physical and mental relaxation

Improving Skin and Muscle Tone

Tonus implies muscle tension, and when we talk about skin without tone, we usually mean relaxed skin or skin with weakened elasticity. When it comes to the face, the skin usually relaxes on the cheeks, under the chin, and on the neck, which notices in the late thirties.

The drop in tone is because of the breakdown of collagen and elastin — the fibers that hold the skin. When the skin loses elasticity and tone, the fat under the surface becomes visible.

Facial massage stimulates circulation and thus affects skin tone. The stimulation of facial muscles can also perform with the help of a device. Electrostimulation tightens the muscles, which strengthens them. Whether it’s a device or a hand massage, regularity is the key to success. Be persistent — the result will not miss.

Slowing Down Skin Aging

Beauty and freshness of the skin are imperative today and are one of the reasons for the growing interest in facial massages. Apart from the fact that genetics, nutrition, and facial bone anatomy play a significant role, it is indisputable that the daily ritual of facial massage also contributes. Regular facial massage slows down the aging of the skin and will act like a gentle, natural lifting.

Most facial massage techniques perform by using oils or creams. Many types of oils are available in pharmacies and specialty stores for different skin types and needs. The most popular are almond oil for all skin types, avocado for dry and mature skin, hazelnut for oily skin. Choose the one that suits your skin’s current needs.

There are different types of facial massages. The most popular is the classic manual facial massage, which will speed up the circulation, the muscular system, improve the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the cells, and speed up the removal of harmful substances. During the massage, oils or massage creams are applied, adapted to the individual needs of the skin. Gentle, pleasant, and connected movements relax the facial muscles, reduce headaches, and contribute to overall relaxation.

Facial Massage Eliminates Bags Under the Eye

Probably everyone will experience continuous bags or dark circles under the eyes. Whether caused by age, lack of sleep, stress, or other factors, having bags under your eyes can make you feel unsatisfied. With regular facial massages, you can help release excess fluid in that area and get rid of dark circles.

Reduction of Tension Headaches and Sinus Pain

Headaches are classified into different categories, depending on the cause that leads to the headache. Tension headache occurs due to rigid contraction of the scalp muscles.

  • You can solve this problem by massaging your face. The starting point is on your forehead, in the middle between your eyebrows. You should massage this point with your thumb or forefinger and pull your finger upwards in the grip. Repeat the procedure for one minute, or until you notice that the pain stops. Breathe deeply during this procedure.
  • Massage the outside of the nose with your thumb and forefinger. Repeat the procedure until the pain subsides.
  • Gentle movements will reduce or eliminate all existing problems characteristic of headache.
  • You will get rid of unpleasant pressure and pulsation and improve circulation.
  • Gently press the pain points with your index finger or thumb.
  • You can massage the area around the temples with circular and slow movements.
  • There is also a method that involves massaging the back of the neck.

If you have problems with sinusitis, which also causes pain, try a relaxing facial massage. Accumulated secretions in the upper nasal passages cause severe headaches and a feeling of swelling on the face. Professional massage with accompanying inhalations breaks down the secretion and releases clogged nasal canals. An important item is the improvement of blood circulation, which means that the stimulation of blood flow improves the flow of oxygen to each cell, which is of the utmost importance.

Relieving Stress and Anxiety

Today, most people are under stress, some because of work, a fast-paced lifestyle, or perhaps love problems. All generations have situations that cause fear, tension, nervousness, stress, anxiety, and that affects the quality of life.

One of the best ways to reduce stress is massage, which not only relieves you of the negative effects of stress but also has many beneficial effects on general health. Massage relaxes, calms the mind and body, reduces muscle tension, improves circulation. It helps to redirect thoughts from everyday life, relax the brain with pleasant relaxing music, and enjoy the silence.

Facial massage reduces the level of stress hormones in the blood, but there is also an increase in the number of white blood cells that are part of the immune system. Fatigue and tension remove, and thus your body becomes stronger and more resilient.

Contraindications for Facial Massage

There are certain situations when a facial massage is not recommended, in cases if you have recently had any aesthetic intervention on your face, such as a filler injection, Botox, or some skin inflammation.

Relax facial massage is one of the most natural and useful massages. The face is the most visible part of the body and says a lot about your attitude towards health, so take advantage of all the benefits of facial massages. The nurtured person feels safe, confident, relaxed, enjoys the joys of life because the mind, thought, spirit, and body are in complete harmony.

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