Beauty Tips During Hard Times

The last two months have been tumultuous for millions of people across the world. If there is one subject that is grabbing all the headlines and electronic media space, it without doubt is corona virus. Also known as novel corona virus of Covid-19, this virus is wreaking havoc as far as lives and economies across the world are concerned.

As we read this article, the virus has claimed almost 88,000 lives all over the globe and the numbers are galloping at breakneck speed. Almost 1.3 million people have been affected by the symptoms and manifestations of corona virus. These still seem to be early days and it might take a few more months for the curve of infections and death to flatten across the world. Highly populated nations like India have just seen the start of this virus and the numbers in these countries are also not very reassuring to say the least.

Social Distancing & Lockdown

I regularly come across phrases like complete lockdown and social distancing as one of the few ways by which the spread of the virus can be controlled. According to medical experts a single infected person has the capability of passing on the infection around 400 persons. Therefore, I am not shocked at the fact that the spread of corona virus happens in geometrical progression instead of mathematical progression.

Hence, for millions of men and women across the world, home quarantine is the only way by which we can break the chain of transmissions. It is a slow and time-consuming process and even the slightest of carelessness and laid back attitude could cause of pain, suffering death to a few more millions of people across the world. Therefore, there is no way but to go by the diktats of the state administrations across the world as they gear up the fight against this tiny little virus. There is hardly any doubt that it could be one of the biggest challenges to mankind perhaps after world-war II and I am sure the people of the world are slowly realizing the grim situation and are adhering to the rules and regulations laid down by the state.

How To Spend Time During The Lockdown & Quarantine Period

I often come across many articles where men in general and women in particular are finding it tough to stay put in their homes for days at length. While taking care of the home, family members and other such tasks may keep many women occupied, many of them are at a loss as to ways and means by which they can make use of their time in a more productive and useful way.

Women would like to look good at all points in time and there are thousands of women who spend quite a bit of time and money visiting beauty parlors, boutiques and salons and other such places. With all these outlets being closed because of the lockdown across the entire country, we thought it would be a good idea to share some makeup yourself tips. This will help women to keep looking good even if they are not able to visit the salons, beauty parlors, boutiques and other such places. At the same time, I also am sure that the women will be in a much better position to spruce up their looks and also inculcate and practice some good health habits when they are quarantined for long periods of time at their homes.

We are listing down some of the common things that women can do at their homes to keep the beauty at home while also keeping themselves engaged proactively and productively.

Take Better Care Of The Eyebrows

I have seen thousands of women not being able to take care of their eyebrows as well as they would have like. There are many women who may have overdone it by plucking out the eyebrows much more than what may be necessary. I would strongly urge such women to spend some time caring and tending for the eyebrows. It would be a good idea to let the eyebrows grow out again. Allowing them to grow the natural way may help in improving the overall facial appearances quite significantly. The quarantine period may give the women the chance to see their eyebrows grow rapidly compared to what they have been used to.

Get Away From Adding Heat To Your Hair

Hair drying has become a practice for most women in the country and across the world. While this may help them look good and spruced up when they move out, I for one know how much it damages the hair and the hair follicles. Regular adding of heat to the hair is one of the major reasons for split ends, thinning of the hair line, hair falling and other such problems. Hence, I believe that it would be a good idea to allow some healing and recovering time for your hair. Let it grow the natural way. Instead you could use some hair treatments and hair vitality products that could help it grow in volume and give that full and lustrous look. You could at best try trimming the ends if you feel that the hair growth is becoming too thick and is reaching difficult-to-manage propositions.

Move Away from Nail Polish

Use of nail polishes it extensive and perhaps even rampant amongst most women. I am sure that the women during normal times use nail polishes almost thrice a day. Additionally they also use nail polish removers and other synthetic substances. Having seen these polishes and other products from close range, I know how much they damage the nail. Therefore, my suggestion to the women is to stay away from nail polish. The 2 week or 3-week lockdown period could be a great way to let your nails get that much needed rest. It will grow back to its normal shape, size and color. Yes, if the size is too big to manage, it would be a good idea to cut the nails and trim it to proper size. But avoiding use of nail polish for a few days does do a world of good for the quality and strength of the nails for women.

Understand The Importance of Dry Brushing

I have seen most women shying away from dry brushing because it is time consuming and perhaps even annoying. However, the results are indeed worth it. Dry brushing is quite simple but it does come with many benefits and there are many celebrities who are ready to vouch for it. It is commonly recommended in ayurvedic medicine in India and it is now being tried out by many women across the world. There are many benefits of dry brushing. It could help in improving circulation, lead to a softer skin and also help in removing dead skin cells. Further, women who are into dry brushing on a regular basis have also reported lower risk of cellulite. I suggest that dry brushing should be done either during the day or the night before bathing. You must take your time in dry brushing. You are in quarantine and therefore time should not be a constraint.

Drink Lot of Water

Many women who manage homes and careers and do a tough juggling act often neglect on one of the most important beauty tips. Yes, it is about drinking adequate quantity of water. Hence, when a woman is home 24/7, there is no hindrance in drinking adequate quantity of water. A woman on an average should drink around 2.3 liters of water per day. In the normal days, women end up drinking much less and I firmly believe that quarantine time because of corona virus is the best way to correct this problem. Just believe in the simply advice of drinking plenty of water. Once you do it, you will be able to see the difference in your face, skin, and of course in your overall health and well-being.

Stay Away From Makeup

There is nothing wrong with makeup as far as the skin of women is concerned. However, the makeup products should be good, natural and free from harmful and synthetic compounds. But there is an important point that one should bear in mind. Regular use of makeup blocks the pores of the skin and breathing of the skin become that much difficult. Covering the face with liquid foundation or powder certainly blocks the pores. Therefore, this quarantine period could be a golden opportunity to stay away from makeup and allow the pores to open up again. It is one of the most proven and time-tested methods of natural beauty. The combined impact of staying away from sun rays, pollutants and other such things will help your facial skin to get back to its normal shape. The pores will be able to breathe much better and when you back it up with adequate sleep and hydration the results will be there for all to see, within a few days.

Desist from Wearing High Heels & Tight Clothes

We must understand that our bodies are not made for wearing skinny jeans, tight fitting dresses and those waist trainers. You should allow your skin and the organs space to move around and they do not deserve to be squeezed for space. You should also stay away from high heels because they do damage the alignment of the spine. You also run the risk of getting affected by bunions because of the high heeled shoes.


To conclude, corona virus might be a big health hazard, but perhaps nature has provided women with an opportunity to try and bring their skin, face and even the organs back to their original shape. This can be done when you know how to unlearn and refrain from some common makeup practices and beauty enhancing protocols.

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