Face Massage

Anti-stress, anti-fatigue, anti-aging…The benefits of facial massage

What could be better than a good facial massage to restore radiance to your skin? Nathalie Morel, therapist and Sylvie Lefranc, expert in facial yoga give us the keys to a successful massage.

With age, signs of fatigue settle on the face, the skin loses its radiance, bags appear under the eyes, expression and emotion lines intensify. A facial massage may be necessary to restore firmness to his face. You still must know the right gestures and the right techniques. Follow the guide!

Professional Facial Massages

“Two Asian well-being massages are recognized for their anti-aging properties”, indicates Nathalie Morel, therapist at the Nathalie Morel well-being practice in Toulouse: the Japanese facial massage technique also called kobido and the 3D Lifting. “The Japanese facial massage is for all skin types,” continues Nathalie Morel. “It is equally well indicated for preventive and curative purposes”. The 3D facelift, for its part, is aimed more at mature skin.

The Japanese Facial Massage

“It’s a complete massage of the face, neck, arms and head,” says the therapist. The massage technique combines kneading, smoothing, drainage of the skin and the stimulation of acupressure points. During this sixty-minute session (the massage is also available in a 90-minute version), the face is cleansed, hydrated, the skin is stimulated and re densified. “I perform part of the massage dry, another with a homemade oil, created from a mixture of vegetable oils and essential oils”, explains the specialist.

“The movements performed during the Japanese facial improve blood circulation, eliminate toxins, tone muscles and release tension and tension at the source of wrinkles.” As you can see, kobido not only has the power to slow down the signs of aging, but it is also extremely relaxing. Its effects are also felt on the entire body. “The pressures make it possible to tone and release tension from the jaw and relax the neck”. But then, how often, to perform this treatment to see its effectiveness? “Once a month for an interview, in a six-session cure for lasting results”.

The 3D Facelift

The Japanese 3D facelift, founded by Hidemi Morimasa, is a three-dimensional lifting facial massage. “This treatment lifts the contour of the face, repositioning the muscles and correcting posture”, specifies Nathalie Morel. During the sixty-minute session, and in addition to the face, the massage focuses on the person’s back and neck. “With the effects of fatigue and strain on the back, posture is changed. The bust plunges and accentuates the sagging face”. This global treatment allows to act on the maintenance of the body for a long-term result. “The ideal is to carry out six close sessions”. Like the kobido, the 3D facelift is available in a 90-minute version.

Facial massages at home

Sylvie Lefranc, author of the book Le yoga du visage published by Leduc.s, gives us some techniques for facial self-massage. Here are the different steps to follow:

1st step, the forehead: “with your hands flat on the forehead, smooth it out with strong upward movements, in order to relax the frontal muscle and open the eyes by raising the eyebrows”

2nd step, the frown line: “leaning on your forehead with your index fingers, massage the head of the eyebrows with your thumbs in order to stretch the area between the eyebrows and erase the frown lines”

3rd step, the cheeks: “place the cupped hands on either side of the mouth, fingers facing the temples, and with a sustained movement, let the hands go up until the palms are level with the temples.”

4th step, the contour of the lips: “with the fingers in scissors, pulps of the fingers towards the face, come to massage the contour of the lips while letting the movement extend to the ears”
Small drainage to finish: Place your index and your middle finger in scissors, position the middle finger in front of the ears and the index finger behind. Use back and forth movements with the hands on either side of the ears and along the jawbone to activate lymphatic circulation and drainage.

Homemade beauty tips: Oil or cream? What treatment to use for the face

1st step: Start by removing make-up from your skin to eliminate impurities.
Place a few drops of cleansing vegetable oil on a cotton ball. Gently pass the product over the eyes without rubbing. Discard the cotton. Then place two-three dab of mild makeup remover on the palm of your hand. Apply the milk to your forehead, nose, cheeks, chin, and neck. Remember to make circular movements before rinsing with water.

Step 2: Then make your choice between massage oil or cream.
Unlike cream, the oil is applied to a wet face. Because on a dry face, the oil does not penetrate well into the skin. The risk? The face shines and bathes in an oil mask. Result: the visual sensation and effect are catastrophic.

3rd step: You have chosen the oil. Once your face is cleansed, apply a toning lotion. You can then drop the oil. Only a small amount of product is needed. It emulsifies with the lotion. You can now perform your deep massage. The feeling is simply exquisite.

Let us assume you have opted for the cream. Once your face is cleansed, dry it with a clean towel. Massage your face. The cream is recognized for its moisturizing properties. Note that, compared to massage oil, a larger amount will be needed. The cream will tend to stay on the surface more.

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